From marine and shipping supplies to your everyday automotive needs, from agricultural, biogas and wind-power plants up to large-scale industrial facilities, we supply competent and professional services at every level.

Due to our extensive stocks we can guarantee short term deliveries of all our products.

Below you can find a small insight into our lubricant assortment:

·Engine oil
·Transmission/Gear oil
·Hydraulic oil
·Compressor oil (Copper, Teflon, MOS ², Graphite)
·Turbine oil
·Mold oil
·Refrigerator oil
·Heat Transfer oil
·Rail and track bed oil
·Transformer oil
·Cylinder oil
·Vacuum pump oil
·Chain saw oil
·Food oils / fats
·BIO oil & fat  
·Rope lubricant
·Lubrication pastes

Drum barrelOil