Singer Oil Germany, founded September 1991 in Rostock, is amongst the physical gasoil and largest lube oil suppliers in North Germany and supplies services from its main office in Rostock, one of Germanys most frequented ports, to customers from all corners of the world.

We provide expert advice on recommended and approved lubricants for all machine and vehicle manufacturers. If you require an independent consultation regarding oils deployed in your firm, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We handle fuel (gasoil, MDO) as a physical supplier in north Germany (Mecklenburg, Schleswig Holstein) for example Rostock, Wismar, Vierow, Greifswald, Wolgast, Lübeck or Kiel port and all requests from lubricants, naval requirements, and chemicals to all kinds of lube appliances.

Save your company time and money by using just one source for all your needs!

We have dedicated ourselves to satisfying each and every need of our customers and stand for equally fair and mutually profitable business relations.

Due to our high flexibility and optimized logistics we can assure just-in-time deliveries all over Europe and in more and more countries worldwide.

Our quality and determination to exceed expectations in combination with our environment friendly guidelines guarantee smooth transactions in all aspects.

Our services include:

-          Consultation and recommendation for all requests regarding lubes, chemicals, ship supply and lubricant appliances. All of course, free of charge.

-          Just in time delivery to all Baltic ports incl. Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus

-          Bunker services for gas oil and lubricants. All FOB

-          Door to door delivery free of charge

-          Direct refuelling of customer tanks through our own fleet of tank vehicles